The Benefits of Hydro Jetting

The buildup of grease, soap and sludge can clog pipes, resulting in backups that can cost businesses thousands of dollars in losses due to messy cleanups and unexpected closures. However, backups can be minimized with routine drain cleaning services.

Here are a few benefits to help you understand how hydro jetting can optimize your sewer system performance.

  1. 4,000 PSI High Pressure Water Jetting is the most effective method of sewer and drain cleaning – it’s fast and safe for all drain systems.
  2. Unlike snake drain cleaning machines that simply unclog a pipe, hydro jetting unclogs and cleans the entire internal pipe to minimize recurrence.
  3. Hydro jetting machines have special heads for sand, grease, roots and other forms of debris for maximum cleaning effectiveness.
  4. No harsh chemicals are used during this service, which minimizes damages to pipes.

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